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Dr. Todd Stone


Indulge in a relaxing session of acupressure or Get The Right Diagnosis with Functional Diagnostic Medicine.  The Right Diagnosis is the root cause of your symptom or condition, and Exactly What You Need to restore Strength and Vitality.

Care Without Expectation


DrStone offers his loving care without expectation.  Functional Medicine visits range from $100-500 per visit, but we do not want to exclude anyone from receiving healing care.  You may offer a donation or gift to show your appreciation!

Five Elements Eastern Medicine


The Elements of Life: Fire, Earth, Metal, Water, Wood.  Calm your Fire for inflammation.  Soothe Earth energy for allergy and sensitivity.  Strengthen Metal energy to let go of self criticism.  Power up Water for more flexibility.  Care for your Wood energy for structural integrity.  What is your greatest need?